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The weather is warming up and you’re feeling the call of the great outdoors. What will it be? A trip to the beach, an outing in the park, or a camping trip surrounded by nature? Whatever the adventure, you’ll want to be well-equipped to prepare and cook in comfort and style rather than hunched over a smoky campfire. In order to find the best camp kitchen to suit your needs, there are a few important details you should take into consideration.

Functional Features

Let’s start with the most important aspect. Your camp kitchen should have the functional features that you need to make your cooking experience satisfying. It should offer adequate surface space for your camping stove or grill. You’ll want it to have shelves and hooks to hold your cooking and eating utensils and other food preparation needs such as paper towels. It should offer enough space to prep and cook food without leaving a huge footprint at your campsite.

Handling Ease

You’ll want to select a camp kitchen that is easy to assemble, take down, and store. You’ll want a simple, easy construction so you don’t have to spend hours putting it together. Pick one that is lightweight and portable so that you can easily transport it from car or truck to the site where you are using it without undue physical strain. Especially since you’ll need to move it along with the other items needed for your adventure!


While you’ll want a camp kitchen that is portable, you don’t want to sacrifice strength and durability. Your camp kitchen should be built out of quality materials. You want one that is built to last both in transport and storage. It should be able to endure the elements as well as the knocks and bumps that are bound to happen in the outdoors.

The Best Camp Kitchens on Amazon

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp Kitchengci outdoor shower

This highly functional camp kitchen has lots to offer. It has a large surface area for your camping stove or grill and plenty of preparation surface.

A rack and three shelves offer plenty of space for storing food, beverages, paper towels, and eating utensils. It also has hooks for grilling utensils and trash bags. A cool feature of this camp kitchen is a softshell sink with a drain for doing the dishes! This one assembles easily and weighs only 22 pounds.

One reviewer mentions that in their search for the perfect camp kitchen, they’ve found that the options are either cheap and flimsy or expensive and difficult to put together. And they say that this option is the perfect combination of durability and portability. Another reviewer mentions that this camp kitchen provides you with the biggest bang for your buck in terms of the amount of counter space you get.

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CampLand Aluminum Camp Kitchencampland camp shower

This adjustable height camp kitchen is designed with lots of surface space to both prepare meals and cook with your camp stove or grill. In fact, there’s a space dedicated specifically to cooking with a removable windscreen to protect your food from the wind.

It has large storage spaces under the table for utensils, tableware, and food items. Plus, it has a zippered mesh storage area to keep your stored items free from bugs. This camp kitchen has a solid construction but is still easy to assemble and fold away for transport. This camp kitchen is a bit heavier than the previous option, weighing in at 66 pounds.

One reviewer mentions that this camp kitchen is easy to assemble and comes with an included bag to store it all away when it’s not in use.

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Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen Tablehappybuy camp kitchen

This camp kitchen is perfect for prepping and cooking food. A detachable steel windscreen is included to protect your food from the wind while you cook.

With lots of storage and counter top space, this camp kitchen is flexible for a variety of uses. Weighing just 36 pounds, this kitchen is lightweight and portable to meet your traveling needs for camping, picnics, parties in the canyon. You name it.

Reviewers mention that this camp kitchen is sturdy and well-built, and collapses to a fairly compact size when not in use. Another reviewer mentions that this kitchen can be assembled in five minutes and offers plenty of storage for all your cooking tools.

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Giantex Folding Grill Tablegiantex camp kitchen

Here’s a high-quality multi-functional camp kitchen with a lot to love. It offers a windscreen protected cooking surface along with two side shelves for meal preparation and cooking utensil storage.

This camp kitchen features a zippered, screened-in 2-shelf area to protect your stored items. It assembles easily and the convenient carry bag is easy to handle with a total weight of only 21 pounds. This kitchen is built out of solid aluminum, offering a strong, durable frame to support your grill or camp stove.

One reviewer mentions that this camp kitchen is easy to put together and is sturdy without being too heavy or bulky to transport.

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Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe Portable Kitchencolumbia camp kitchen

This camp kitchen offers some nifty features. It has a full-size windscreen to protect your cooking from the elements, along with an attached paper towel holder, hooks, and a utensil rack. It also has a sink for cleaning up.

Two metal racks and storage space under the windscreen provide areas for food and supply storage. This camp kitchen has a mesh trash holder and easily folds into a case for portability and convenient storage. Weighing in at 36 pounds, this is a relatively lightweight option.

Reviewers mention that this camp kitchen offers a lot in the way of storage, and the racks and hooks can hold pretty large items. They also mention that the sink is super convenient and provides enough space to wash utensils and cooking tools with ease. One reviewer notes that there isn’t a ton of prep space, so they opted to add another pop-up table to make cooking a bit easier.

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