women in mountains wearing backpack

Best Travel Backpacks

women in mountains wearing backpack
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Everyone has their own ideal travel experience. For some, that travel is summiting the nearest snowy peak, for others, it’s wandering the streets of Barcelona or even taking a flight to visit family.

No matter where your travel takes you, you always need the essentials. With the right backpack, forgetting those essentials is out of the question. There are so many backpacks on the market it can be hard to know where to start. Not all backpacks are created equally! Think about the type of traveling you experience the most and pick one that best fits those needs, never compromising on comfort, durability, or storage.


The backpack you used in high school won’t be comfortable enough to handle the rigors of travel. Look for backpack features that will ease the pain of carrying a heavy load through an airport or down a humid trail. These features often include shoulder padding, adjustable mesh shoulder straps, support clips, and breathable fabrics.


Whether you’re shoving your backpack into a cramped airplane compartment, tossing it into the back of a truck, or dropping it in the dirt, you need to find a backpack that’s durable and can keep up with your travel pace.

Many quality backpacks made for travel are constructed with water-resistant materials, reinforced seams or bottom compartments, and strong zipper pulls.


You don’t have to carry everything with you when you travel, but you do want to be prepared. Backpacks are one-size-fits-all when it comes to people, but not adventures. Decide what storage is appropriate for your travel plans. If you’re going on day hikes and need a few pockets for snacks, a 18L backpack might do.

But if you’re running through Europe on a two-week trip, a 90L backpack would be a much better choice. Pay attention to a wide variety of storage options.

The Best Travel Backpacks On Amazon

Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Backpack

Starting with the smallest backpack (as low as 20L) on the list, Outlander has produced an incredibly popular backpack made of nylon fabric, a water-resistant and rip-resistant material.

The three zippered pockets won’t break on you with two-way abrasion resistant SMS metal zippers. Not to mention, this little guy is so travel-friendly that it all folds into an inner pocket and zips shut.

Buy It On Amazon: About $30

Dakine Mission Backpack

The Dakine Mission Backpack is a small step up in size at 25L. This backpack is built for both high adventure and everyday life. It has skateboard-vertical carry straps on the front that can be used to cinch a tighter fit too.

There’s a fleece-lined, padded, iPad sleeve and a fleece-lined sunglass/goggle pocket. Don’t forget the needed shoulder straps made with breathable air mesh, a stowable waist belt, and a sternum strap for true comfort.

Buy It On Amazon: About $70

Venture Pal Lightweight Travel Backpack

Jumping up to 35L, the Venture Pal bag is an invaluable daypack.

Tear and water-resistant with a double-layered bottom and bar tacks at stress points, this backpack is meant to take on a beating.

It has heavy-duty zippers and straps that allow your skin to breath underneath.

With one main large zippered area, two front and side pockets, your water bottles, pens, etc. go wherever you go. Even better, the pack also folds into itself.

Buy It On Amazon: About $20

OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L

If you ever need your laptop to Google the weather patterns when you’re halfway up the trail, this OutdoorMaster 50L backpack is the companion you need. It has a padded laptop compartment inside with plenty of other room, and one pocket holds a waterproof rain cover that will protect all of your possessions inside.

It’s lightweight, durable, ventilated, and padded. It also has a variety of pockets and external attachments.

Buy It On Amazon: About $37

Patagonia Black Hole 90L Duffel Bag

Despite it being the largest and most expensive, I can testify to how great this 90L duffel backpack really is. It can be carried in one hand like a duffle or put on your back like a backpack.

It can fit clothes and items needed for an extended stay, a perfect carry-on size. It’s made of ripstop fabric and coated in laminate, has a padded base, and padded removable backpack straps.

Buy It On Amazon: About $170

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