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Best Travel Hair Dryer

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Any traveler knows it can be tough to look your best when you are constantly on the go. Your hair is exposed to foreign elements. You’re in unfamiliar hotel situations. And through all of it, you’re documenting the adventure with picture after picture.

How do you ease the struggle of looking your best during travel, without adding a burden to your suitcase? There are many quality travel blow dryers on the market; find the hair dryer that fits your travel needs!


It’s always best to travel light. Many hotels are nice enough to provide blow dryers, but when they don’t or they provide something less than subpar, come prepared with your own travel dryer.

Hair dryers built specifically for travel can be as small as a soup can, folding up to take less space in your bag than an unnecessary extra pair of shoes. Look for dryers with small dimensions, foldable handles, and retractable cords.


Just because you’re bringing along an inconspicuous hair dryer doesn’t mean the drying power behind it has to be inconspicuous too. Look for travel dryers that maintain high wattage.

Something in the 1000 watts range should do the job. However, tiny dryers with 1875 watts are becoming more and more common. These guys pack the same punch as their unpackable counterparts.


You never know what adventures will come up while traveling. Be ready for any adventure by bringing along a travel hair dryer that is compatible for any voltage worldwide. Many travel dryers come with a switch that allows you to match your voltage to your country.

Also, consider the compatibility of your environment. Traveling somewhere with humidity? Purchase a travel dryer that comes with a concentrator attachment to quell frizz or a diffuser attachment to embrace the curls.

There are a wide variety of travel hair dryers on the market, but don’t settle for anything that won’t aid in your style and leave you carefree for the day.

The Best Travel Hair Dryers On Amazon

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryerbabyliss travel hair dryer

This blow dryer may be tiny in stature, but it’s large in impact.

At 5.5 x 2.5 x 8.9 inches with a folding handle, you might think the BaBylissPRO lacks the power needed to dry your hair.

However, with 1000-watt power, you’ll be dry in no time, especially by choosing the higher of its two drying speeds.

It also has dual voltage, allowing you to switch from 110V to 250V for European travel.

Buy It On Amazon: About $33

Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryerrevlon hair dryer

This Revlon travel dryer comes in at 4 x 6 x 9 inches, and watch out, this little guy has 1875 watt!

That’s the same power that many regular-sized blow dryers hold.

It has two drying speeds and a cool-shot button. It also switches between 110V to 250V for worldwide travel.

It’s built with ionic technology to reduce frizz and heat damage, accompanied with a smoothing concentrator attachment.

Buy It On Amazon: About $15

Conair 1875W Styler/Hair Dryer With Folding Handleconair hair dryer

This Conair blow dryer is larger at 4 x 9.9 x 8.6 inches, but can still be packed rather compactly with a folding handle and a fully retractable cord.

The Conair has 1875 watts, three heat settings, and two speed settings with a cool-shot button. It offers natural ion output to protect from heat damage.

It also comes with a diffuser attachment and a concentrator, so no hairstyle is out of reach.

Some Amazon reviewers even mention that after buying this dryer for travel purposes, they ended up using it as their daily hair dryer because it packed such a punch!

Buy It On Amazon: About $30

Gammapiu Travel Hair Dryergammapiu travel hair dryer

While the Gammapiu ETC travel dryer is the most expensive on the list, it boasts a petite packing size and high performance.

Customers estimate a 3 x 5.5 x 6 inch size – so small it doesn’t need a folding handle.

The ETC (Evolution Turbo Compressor Technology) increases air pressure and speed, supposedly cutting drying time by 25%.

It has dual voltage, styling attachments, and comes in three different colors.

Buy It On Amazon: About $100

Andis 1875W Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryerandis travel hair dryer

This Andis hair dryer wins the award for the most unique design. The mouth of the dryer is a rectangle instead of circle for more direct and even heating.

It has 1875 watts, three air/heat settings, a cool-shot button, and dual voltage.

This perfect-for-travel dryer also comes with three styling attachments: a soft bristle attachment, a wide-tooth comb, and a fine-tooth comb.

Buy It On Amazon: About $40

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