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A travel purse should accomplish two things – form and function. You need it to be able to carry your portable essentials, while also conveying a sense of your own personal style. While it would be nice if the purse was a respected name brand, as this is usually synonymous with quality, you should consider a well-made purse of the generic variety.

What Can It Hold?

When searching for a travel purse, you obviously need one that can hold a certain number of personal items. It doesn’t need to act as storage for everything – it’s not a tote bag, after all! However, it does need to have space for carry-on items for personal hygiene, quick access to credit cards, etc. Basically, you need a travel purse that doesn’t make you stuff items in because of a lack of space.

Will It Stayed Organized?

This second attribute cannot be overlooked. A good travel purse is designed to hold the most popular items that travelers put inside. It should have dividers and pockets for all your common travel goods. These pockets, which can be on the outside and inside, should be well-proportioned with well-made closing latches – zippers that don’t catch, velcro, secure buttons, and more.

Quality and Durability Are Key

Quality is of course one of the most important considerations you need to make. Not only does the purse need to be well-made and sturdy, but it also needs to be comfortable enough to carry over your shoulder or in your hand.

The weight distribution is a telling factor that separates good travel purses from bad ones, so make sure to pay attention to reviews on this matter. Consider how the purse stands up to inclement weather – good bags can take a beating in the rain, and should never become wet on the inside even in a direct downpour.

The Best Travel Purses On Amazon

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Essential Messenger Bagtravelon brand black travel purse

At the price of about $34, this over-the-shoulder Travelon anti-theft messenger bag can also be worn in cross-body fashion, and comes in over a dozen colors. There are several locking compartments for organizational purposes, so you can easily find your personal items.

The RFID-blocking pocket for your credit cards is a bonus, and there’s an attached LED light for seeing your stuff in the dark. No need to be worried about someone cutting the purse off of you, this one features an anti-slash strap. If keeping your items secure is your number one priority, this bag is definitely for you.

Buy It On Amazon: Travelon Anti-Theft Bag (About $34)

Koolertron Crossbody Shoulder Bagkoolerton brand travel purse

The Koolertron canvas travel bag is unisex, and has several pockets for your electronics. For about $20, this over-the-shoulder purse is easy-to-carry with plenty of functional pockets – almost like a portable desk. It’s a solid pick if you prioritize organizational capacity, and ensures you’ll never need to use your pants pockets to carry anything.

In terms of style, this bag is not lacking. The weathered look is available in six different colors, and you’ll look like you’re a pro traveler (even if you aren’t).

Buy It On Amazon: Koolertron Crossbody Shoulder Bag (About $20)

ENKNIGHT Crossbody Travel Purse – About $18enknight brand travel purse

This vibrantly-colored little number is billed as an anti-theft travel purse, and is made of fully waterproof nylon to protect your valuables against the rain. The EKNIGHT travel purse comes in 6 bright colors, has several compartments, and is generally regarded as just the right size in reviews by travelers.

With an affordable price tag of about $18, this cross-body bag is perfect for men or women and Amazon reviewers mention that while it is petite, it can easily fit an iPhone 7 plus.

Buy It On Amazon: Enknight Crossbody Travel Bag (About $18)

Functional Multi-Pocket Crossbody Bag

The functional, multi-pocket travel purse is a throwback to the vintage definition of a purse; it has just a few inside compartments and can easily hold your phone, wallet, chapstick, and a few other necessities.

It’s sturdily-made and ranks pretty high up on the fashionable scale. If you want the functionality of a travel purse but don’t want to lose the style of a designer purse, this is the one for you. Available in a wide variety of colors, both neutral and bright, you’re bound to find the color that’s right for you. Best part? It’s incredibly affordable at about $15.

Buy It On Amazon: Multi-Pocket Crossbody Bag (About $15)

Dakine – Jo Jo Crossbody Bagfloral dakine travel purse

The Jo Jo Women’s Crossbody travel purse is conveniently-sized on the larger side. It’s large enough to hold a 10-inch tablet, and has both external and internal organizational pockets for easy storage of other items. Made of polyester, it will keep its shape and design through countless washes and assaults from heavy weather. Plus, the flower design on the outside is very attractive.

And if you ever do run into any problems with major wear and tear, Dakine offers a pretty solid warranty.

Buy It On Amazon: Dakine Jo Jo Crossbody Bag (About $25)

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