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Right now, the Euro is the lowest it has been against the dollar in 9 years. That means it’s the perfect time to visit any country in the European Union. And to make it even better, long time French bicycle touring company Cyclomundo is offering substantial discounts on its self=guided bike tours through the French countryside.

Riders are welcome to plan their own daily schedules, making the self-guided trip option much more personal — and more affordable — than guided tours. They can choose a money-saving picnic lunch or skip any attractions they wish, without skimping on incredible views or French culture. Book before the end of January and save 10%.

Family friendly tours include Geneva to Lyons in the Alps, Bayeux to Rouen in Normandy, or Dijon to Macon in Burgundy. For advanced riders, parts of the route for the Tour de France can be included in the itinerary.

Members of recognized bicycle advocacy groups such as Transportation Alternatives in the U.S., Bicycle Australia in Australia, and Cambridge Cycling Campaign in the U.K. are eligible for an additional 50 Euros off any tour. And people who agree to complete a survey at the end of a tour will receive a credit of 75 Euros toward their next tour with Cyclomundo.

All in all, this may be the best year yet to schedule your bicycle tour of France. Make your reservations early.


Source: Digital Journal : Photos via Cyclomundo

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