Come Back To Harlem

The Harlem section of New York City has been a center for cultural and culinary artistry for nearly a century. Recently NYC Go is inviting visitors to come back to Harlem to rediscover all it has to offer.

Restaurants abound and none better for capturing the essence of the neighborhood than The Red Rooster on Lenox Avenue at 125th Street. The Apollo Theater on 125th Street has witnessed the debut of some of the most influential musical stars in American history, including Diana Ross & The Supremes, Michael Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Stevie Wonder,

“….the Apollo probably exerted a greater influence upon popular culture than any other entertainment venue in the world. For blacks it was the most important cultural institution–not just the greatest black theatre, but a special place to come of age emotionally, professionally, socially, and politically.”  Ted Fox, Showtime at the Apollo.

Looking for a place to stay in Harlem? Visit Time Out New York’s Harlem Hotel Guide for a list of places that preserve the history and flavor of the neighborhood, including The Harlem Flophouse and the new Aloft Harlem.

To see New York from an entirely different perspective, be sure to include a visit to Harlem next time you are in Manhattan.

Source: WPIX

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