Snorkeling at Turtle Inn

Ecotourism Adventure In Belize

Snorkeling at Turtle Inn

In addition to making great movies, Francis Ford Coppola has assembled a collection of world class resorts that feature ecotourism opportunities. One of them, Turtle Inn, is located in Belize at the tip of a narrow 26-mile long sandy peninsula and has been named one of the best resorts in Central America by Travel + Leisure magazine.

Belize has a well deserved reputation as one of the world’s great scuba destinations. The Caribbean’s largest barrier reef lies just offshore from Turtle Inn and offers a magnificent diversity of coral and marine life to explore. In addition, a number of nearby islands have their own reefs and underwater ecosystems for divers to discover.

The beach at Turtle Inn http://ecoworldly.comDuring the full moon in April, May and June, whale sharks — up to 60 feet long — glide through the waters near Turtle Inn. Special diving tours give snorkelers and divers the opportunity to share the ocean with these sea creatures. At nearby Gladden Spit, the whale sharks will readily approach boats, snorkelers and divers if they do not feel threatened.

The colorful lionfish is delightful to look at but destructive to the indigenous coral reefs in the area. With no known enemies, its numbers are increasing and putting the reefs in peril. At Turtle Inn, divers may participate in an underwater experience that allows them to help protect an ecosystem and to dine on your own catch that evening.

Paddleboarding at Turtle Inn Belize http://ecoworldly.comThis eco-hunting experience is now available to those seeking a unique scuba diving adventure that helps to protect the famous barrier reef from these invaders. The dive includes use of a trident and all necessary gear. When you get back to Turtle Inn, the chef will let you cook it yourself if you wish.

Not a skilled diver? At Turtle Inn, you can take lessons from licensed instructors. Visit the online Dive Shop for a complete listing of classes as well as some important information on diving tours and options for snorkeling in Belize.

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