Ecotourism At Its Finest In Corinna Tasmania

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Populated by indigenous people for 30,000 years, the small town of Corinna Tasmania started in 1881 as thousands invaded this pristine location in search of gold. Today, the miners are gone, but the pristine beauty of this area, located in the northwest corner of Tasmania, remains. This ancient unbroken tract of rain forest shows a world beyond human memory and is a living link with the ancient super continent called Gondwanaland.

Corinna offers ecotourists a wide range outdoor activities from kayaking, boating and fishing on the Pieman river to long hikes through arboreal forests. The village sits at the southern end of the Tarkine — the largest temperate rainforest in Australia – and the northernmost point where the famous Huon pine grows. The large number of aboriginal sites has led the Australian Heritage Council to describe it as “one of the world’s great archaeological regions.”

The area is accessible to ordinary two wheel drive vehicles via the iconic “Fatman” barge, a ferry tethered to a cable stretched across the swift current of the Pieman River, named for Thomas Cook, a pastry chef who was transported to the area as a convict in 1818. Travelers can stay at two original structures remaining from the gold rush days, — the Roadman’s Cottage with double bed or The Old Pub, a guest house with single and double rooms.

Corinna 1Also available are sixteen new wilderness retreats built in the original style. Twelve are one bedroom cottages with queen beds and six have two bedrooms for families traveling with children. All are heated with comfortable beds, hot showers, refrigerators and cooktops. Barbecue facilities are also available in the Produce Store nearby.

The township of Corinna is powered by an eco-friendly solar system with back-up generators. It relies on pure rainwater for drinking, cooking and bathing and all waste is removed from site to reduce its impact on the land.

Tasmania is becoming a popular destination for travelers who want to reconnect with nature and don’t care for bright city lights. Recently, the Pumphouse Point Hotel opened in the middle of an eco-preserve nearby. If you seek adventure surrounded by natural beauty while preserving the integrity of the surrounding lands, consider Tasmania for your next vacation destination.

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