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Farms have been the backbone of the American economy since our country began. But our fast paced urban lifestyle often prevents us from having a full appreciation of where our food comes from. Many of us have never seen food that isn’t in hermetically sealed packages, cans or boxes down at the local Pik ‘N’ Pay grocery store. We wouldn’t know how to grind wheat into flour or pluck a chicken if our life depended on it.

Getting out of the city and visiting a real working farm is fairly common in many countries. The Italians even have a name for it: agritourismo. Here in the US, more and more people want to reconnect with the land and learn about where our food comes from. The best way to do that is to actually live on a working farm for a day or a week or a month.

But how do you find a farm that welcomes guests? That’s easy. Click on over to Farm Stay U.S. and sort through their listings to find the perfect farm to fork adventure for your budget and schedule.

Taking children along on a farm stay is a great way for them to learn how animals are raised, how fruits and vegetables are grown and what the stars in the sky look like when we get far away from the constant glare of city lights.

Every farm has its own way of making guests feel welcome. Some have guest accommodations right in the farmhouse with the host family. Others have converted barns or other outbuildings to residences for guests. All offer a bountiful country breakfast while some invite guests to share a meal at the end of the day consisting entirely of food grown or produced right there on the farm.

Rural living tends to slower paced than city dwellers are accustomed to, but that doesn’t mean farmers don’t have a lot of work to do every day. Most will be happy to have you help out with farm chores during your stay.

Some say “Farming is not a living, it’s a lifestyle.” Often it’s a lifestyle we know little or nothing about. As the farm to fork movement gains in popularity, spending time on a working farm can help us develop a deeper appreciation for where our food comes from. It can also help us clarify which things are important in life. And which are not.

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