Scenery, Fishing And Wildlife Define Angola

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Angola is a nation of great natural beauty. Some of its most notable attractions are the Kalandula Falls, the second highest waterfall in Africa, and the Kissama national park, where elephants and giant sable antelope roam free. The Kwanza Lodge is a popular location for anglers who want to fish the Kwanza River. In 2016, Angola is scheduled to host an international golf tournament.

Says Paul Wesson, a South African who runs Eco-Tur, “Angola is the only country in southern Africa left for well-traveled people to explore, who’ve already seen the Serengeti and Kalahari. This is the final frontier of wildlife tourism in southern Africa.”

Activities for adventurers abound include big game fishing (catch and release only); sailing, snorkeling or kayaking in Mussulo Bay; or just enjoying the Angola’s many deserted beaches. The weather is ideal for outdoor fun all year long.  Surfing in the warm waters at Cabo Ledo, bird watching, and observing the animals in Angola’s game parks are also popular tourist activities.

Once a colony of Portugal, Angola cuisine blends the best of African and Portuguese cooking into a tasty assortment of flavors sure to please the palette.  Fresh seafood from the ocean offshore and the rivers inland is the specialty at every restaurant.

Source: The Guardian : Photos via Eco-Tur

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