Rotating Ski Lift Gives 360 Degree View

Ski Lift 1If you happen to be skiing near Engelberg in central Switzerland, you can ride in a rotating ski lift to the top of 9,950′ high Mount Titlis. The gondola rotates through one complete 360 degree turn during the 5 minute trip and is one of only 3 rotating gondolas in the world. The others are in Palm Springs, California and Table Mountain outside Cape Town, South Africa.

The idea of a rotating gondola was first proposed in 1992 but local authorities thought the idea was too fanciful. They may have had some safety concerns as well! But ski areas today are competing with one another to lure new skiers and keep their current clientele happy, so the time for the rotating ski lift has finally arrived.

A new cable car in the Dachstein mountain region in Styria, Austria has an open air viewing platform. 10 people can fit on the viewing platform and enjoy views that include several glaciers and more than a dozen peaks that are more than 8,000 feet high.

If you do happen to ride the rotating gondola in Switzerland any time soon, please post a review of your experience here for others to read.

Ski Lift 2

Source and photos: The Daily Mail

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