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Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia prides itself on being a mecca for shoppers from all over the world. It usually has three shopping extravaganzas every year – the 1Malaysia Grand Prix Sale in March, the 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival from June to September, and 1Malaysia Year End Sale from November 15 to January 4.

Speaking at the opening of  1MYES in November, Dato’ Maznah Mazlan, deputy chairman of Tourism Malaysia, said, “Kuala Lumpur has been acknowledged as the second best destination for shopping in APAC by Globe Shopper Index. Malaysia’s shopping experience is something for you to remember. The retail industry plays a very important part in supporting and making the event a success.

“The collective effort is the combined ability to offer low prices in most of the shops, including three of the biggest shopping malls in Asia, which makes Malaysia the world’s premier shopping destination.” The focus on high fashion is a part of Malaysia’s effort to become a haven for luxury goods. “The country is already a duty free haven for most luxury goods including watches and jewelery,” said Mazlan.

But this year will be even better for shoppers. 2015 will be a year of endless celebrations in Malaysia with the launch of the Malaysia Year of Festivals (MyFEST).

There are three key aspects that attract visitors to Kuala Lumpur says Noraza Yusof, head of tourism at Kuala Lumpur City Hall – shopping, food and culture. By March 2015, a bus will connect all the principal hotels to the malls. “Kuala Lumpur is a duty free fashion paradise, which is propelled by luxury fashion. There is duty free shopping and excellent prices,” said Yusof.

If you are a shopaholic, be sure to put Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia on travel itinerary for 2015.

Source: Financial Express  : Photo: Visit Kuala Lumpur

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