Sustainable Community Living At Dancing Rabbit EcoVillage

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Are You Ready To Experience Sustainable Living In An Ecovillage?

Dancing Rabbit EcoVillage, located in the hills of northeastern Missouri, is what some people like to call “an intentional community”. That is, the people who live there don’t just arrive by accident. They intend to be there. They intend to explore ways to live a sustainable lifestyle.

That means being good stewards of the land, taking as little as possible from the Earth but giving much back. It also means sharing what they have learned about sustainable living with others by guests and participating in outreach programs.

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage Is Not Your Typical Vacation Destination

Going to Dancing Rabbit is not a typical vacation activity. There is no beach (although there is a swimming hole) and there are no liveried waiters bringing you margaritas until sunrise. What there is at Dancing Rabbit is an opportunity to reconnect with the natural world, a chance to learn about how to reduce your own footprint on the environment, and the ability to take that knowledge with you to inspire creative ways of thinking about sustainability within your own community at home.

The Vision: Creating A Sustainable Small Town

The vision behind Dancing Rabbit is to build a community of 500 – 1000 people who live together communally in a sustainable lifestyle. Currently, there are 60 full time residents living and working in buildings constructed from a wide range of green and natural building materials.such as straw bales and reclaimed lumber.

Solar and wind power are the primary sources of electricity. Every year, the village sends twice as much electrical power back to the grid than it uses.

When it comes to food, staples such as beans and grains are ordered through United Natural Foods Incorporated, an international natural and organic food distributor. In addition, locally grown fruits and vegetables are consumed. Composting and recycling are an integral part of the Dancing Rabbit lifestyle.

Long Visits At Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Visitors are welcome at Dancing Rabbit. Stays of 1 – 3 weeks are scheduled throughout the growing season (reservations required). There are a wide range of lodging options for your stay. Some are very rustic such as tenting or renting a small 3 season cabin, and others are more typical such as renting a single room, and you can even stay in the onsite Milkweed Mercantile B&B (a large straw bale building with multiple guest rooms).

Usually, there will be a dozen or so other people visiting at the same time. During your stay, work shops will help you learn about the village and living a sustainable lifestyle. Work shops focus on natural/green construction, alternative currency, renewable energy, communication skills, and communal decision-making.

You will get to help out with building, gardening, food processing, cooking, dish washing and other daily tasks is part of the experience. And at the end of the day, socialize with other village members and guests, play sports, or participate in game nights or talent shows.

Short Visits At Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

For those who just want to learn more about Dancing Rabbit, free 2 hour tours are available many Saturdays. Or if you want to participate in a work exchange program, you can stay for free while working alongside community members and learning about the Dancing Rabbit sustainability model.

Are You Considering Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage As Your Home?

If you are thinking about Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage as a place to live, they are especially interested in people who have good communication skills, experience with conflict resolution, experience living in other intentional communities, and are adept at economic self-sufficiency.

No matter how you choose to connect with Dancing Rabbit or how long you decide to stay, the lessons you learn there will stay with you and impact your own lifestyle for years to come.



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