Sustainable Travel: How To Travel And Do Good

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Most thoughtful people realize that when they travel, they have an impact on the places they go. Too many tourists can literally destroy habitats or degrade natural wonders. Rather than just lazing on a beach, some people may want to lend their talents and skills to assist local populations to deal with social challenges, like having clean water to drink or schools to educate their children.

If you want to incorporate your social conscience with your desire to travel, Inspired Challenge can help. They offer a broad range of sustainable travel tours on all continents, from relaxing to robust. Each one donates a portion of the money you spend for your trip to a local charity or NGO that is directly involved with improving the local community. Your adventure will include getting to know the people who live in the community you are visiting and promote an exchange of ideas between local people and travelers so each can learn from each other.

Inspired Challenge also offers more rigorous adventures for those who want to stretch their bodies and minds to new heights. Many of these challenges offer you the opportunity to do community fund raising to offset part of the cost of your trip. In each case, 100% of the money you raise will go directly to benefit the people and communities you will visit during your challenge.

Adventures-less-ordinaryThe idea of travel with a conscience is explored further in a new book entitled Adventures Less Ordinary: How To Travel And Do Good, which is available for instant download at the Inspired Challenge website. Here’s a glimpse of what’s inside:

A new generation of free-spirited, adventure-minded explorers is no longer content with just seeing; they want to be doing. When they step out of their familiar routines, they don’t want just to drift through foreign lands as outsiders looking in. They want to interact, they want to learn and they want to impact the communities they visit. Drawing on the combined expertise of leading voices advocating for travel that makes a difference, this is the definitive handbook for compassionate people seeking the ultimate adventure – one guided as much by the good you give as the good you get.

Whether it is visiting Machu Pichu, sailing in the Philippines, trekkking in Kenya or going on a two week island survival expedition in Micronesia, Inspired Challenge has a travel package that will let you explore the world and give back as you go. Browse their website and then contact them for more information about the tour or tours that interest you most.

Source: Huffington Post : Photos via Inspired Challenge


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