Eco-travelogue writer contest

Writing your eco-travelogue is a great way to keep your friends and family updated on your sustainable journey through this beautiful Earth we call home. We’ve designed EcoWorldly to allow you to use us as your permanent eco-travelogue. You’ll get your own author account, giving you one link that archives all your stories in a simple to access place. In addition, we’re giving away a lifetime supply of Lonely Planet guidebooks to the eco-traveler with the most readership during 2015!

Contest and writer blogging rules

1. Accuracy of your eco-travelogue is critically important. Do your best to make sure everything you write about is accurate and does not misrepresent any geopolitical areas or bodies, companies, organizations, people, or other institutions. You are responsible for the content you produce, though we reserve editorial control for grammar, spelling, and other general housekeeping concerns.

2. You acknowledge and inform us that the content you submit to EcoWorldly is your own creation, and not plagiarized or otherwise taken from any other rightful owner. All content you produce and submit to EcoWorldly becomes the exclusive content of EcoWorldly and its parent company, Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., though you are free to use the content again elsewhere after a seven (7) day period following publication. By submitting articles to EcoWorldly, you release us from any claims of property, liability, or other general asset rights. You agree to hold EcoWorldly and its parent company harmless in the event of any conflicts that arise as a result of your content, and to inform us as quickly as possible if you are notified of a conflict, whether through a cease and desist letter or other defamatory claim, or other legal or financial challenges related to your content, EcoWorldly, or its parent company.

3. No purchase is necessary to enter the Lonely Planet contest.

4. To enter the Lonely Planet sweepstakes, all you need to do is submit your content and have it pass the rigors of our editorial staff’s selection for quality. Unique page views on all published articles will be counted at the end of 2015, and the author that has the most will win the contest. “Author” means one writer, and the sum of all unique page views on all the articles published from that author will be counted toward that author’s 2015 tally. The winner will receive his/her choice of up to 3 Lonely Planet guidebooks per year for the rest of their life. For more information on Lonely Planet, please visit the Lonely Planet website.

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