What is EcoWorldly?

Connect with your friends and family. Host photos, write articles, tell us your tales of eco-travel adventure. That’s what EcoWorldly is. Create an account and you can write about all the cool ecotourism and sustainable travel you do, keeping friends and family in the loop, and creating a permanent record of your travels through the eco-sphere that can help other travelers enjoy traveling in a more sustainable fashion. You will get a personalized URL that will allow friends and family to check out all your entries, and you can invite friends you meet along the way to share your writing, so that everyone can learn more about sustainable travel.

What do you write about?

That’s up to you. Think of EcoWorldly as a place to talk about your experiences in beautiful eco-reserves, national parks, or simply a place to talk about strategies for minimizing impacts while you travel. The world is, literally, your eco-oyster, and we want to share that information with other like-minded travelers thinking about sustainable travel. In much of the world, sustainability information is hard to come by, and having first hand experiences to check out before you go somewhere would help many travelers be more informed, more sustainable, and have a better time traveling.

How do you get started?

Simply head over to this page to begin writing your eco-travelogue. Got questions? Post them in the comment field below and we’ll do our best to answer them ASAP, so you can get back to being an eco-traveling world changer.

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