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The 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking Company was established in 1994 in Pokhara, Nepal. Prior to that, the founders, the three sisters Lucky, Dicky and Nicky Karki Chhetri, operated a small guest house and noticed that there were no female guides to lead the many international travelers who come to Nepal to hike the Himalayas.

In a society that does little to value the skills of women outside the home, the sisters decided to begin a training program for local women. Despite fierce opposition from the community, 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking Company has provided instruction to thousands of disadvantaged women and provided them a path to productive employment and fulfillment. The company now offers trekking tours in Nepal, Bhutan, India and Tibet.

Before and after their Himalayan adventure, travelers are welcome to stay at the 3 Sisters lodge overlooking Lake Phewa, where accommodations average about $25 per night. That rate includes wifi, breakfast and transportation to and from the airport or bus station in Pokhara.

By letting Lucky, Dicky, and Nicky organize and guide your Himalayan adventure, you will not only get to enjoy a transformative nature experience, you will be contributing to their ongoing experiment in empowerment of local women. Reason enough to take advantage of their experience and services.


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