Pumphouse Point Hotel Opens In Wilderness Preserve

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Lake St.Claire in Tasmania is the deepest lake in Australia. It is also in the middle of a Wilderness World Heritage preserve. After World War II, a hydro-electric facility was constructed 600′ offshore right in the middle of all this pristine natural beauty. Abandoned in 1990, the pumphouse sat vacant for many years, until a bold new venture renovated it into a luxury hotel.

Pumphouse Point hotel is now open for business — representing a new partnership between government and business that allows tourism within Tasmania’s many unspoiled nature preserves and World Heritage sites. At the dedication ceremonies, Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman told the audience,

 “Pumphouse Point offers a special insight into our hydro history, as well as a spectacular access to our natural heritage. “This Government welcomes and encourages sensible and attractive developments like Pumphouse Point that allow tourists and locals to experience Tasmania’s incredible wilderness areas, and to help transform Tasmania into the environmental tourism capital of the world.”

Pumphouse Point hotel offers guests superb accommodations in a unique location surrounded by a natural serenity unique to Tasmania. Fishing, rowing, kayaking and hiking are on offer during the day, followed by sumptuous dining in the evening. Prices start at $240 for a standard room.

Pumphouse Point hotel truly offers a unique setting that cossets guests while respecting the environment.

Source: ABC Australia

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