Super Bowl Coach Wins Trip To Croatia

No matter who wins the Super Bowl game today, that team’s coach will receive a free trip to his homeland – Croatia. Thanks to an industrious journalist who uncovered the little known fact that both coaches have Croatian heritage, the Croatian National Tourist Office has announced,

“the winning coach will get the chance to explore the land of his ancestors as he and his family experience the impressive history, stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, medieval architecture and delectable cuisine of Croatia.”

Croatia lies just across the Adriatic Sea from the east coast of Italy. In fact, the two countries have many ancestral and cultural attributes because of their common location on that part of the Mediterranean. Croatia boasts more than 3,600 miles of coastline between the mainland and its 1200 islands. Watch the video to learn more about this historic and scenic country.

Croatia 1The country is home to 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the port of Dubrovnik, which is hailed as one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe. For those into television tourism, Croatia is also where the TV series Game of Thrones is filmed. It is a hugely popular tourist destination for Europeans. During the summer, you may find such internationally recognized personalities as England’s Prince Harry visiting the country.

Once there, choose from miles of well tended beaches, charter a sailboat, book a kayak or snorkeling adventure, or visit historic locations like Hvar town, built in the 13th century. For a slower paced, more intimate view of Croatia, take a bicycle tour of some of the small fishing villages and towns where tourists seldom go.

Whether you prefer luxurious accommodations or the simple pleasures of a country inn, Croatia offers exactly what you want and at prices that are often significantly less than other European destinations. And if you are lucky, you just may bump into the Patriot’s Bill Belichik or the Seahawks’  Pete Carroll wearing his Super Bowl ring sitting at the table next to yours.

Source: Forbes

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