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pouring coffee into mug
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Whether you need a supply of warm coffee to kick-start your day, a cold glass of water to help you stay hydrated, or a refreshing caffeinated soda to help you stay awake, you want a quality travel mug to keep your drink piping hot or icy cold.

There are a lot of different mugs to choose from, but not all of them are worthy of holding your favorite beverage. When deciding what travel mug to trust your hydration and sanity with, consider its insulation, its body structure, and its lid function.


There’s nothing worse than a mug that doesn’t have proper insulation. It sweats and makes everything it touches, including your hands and any surface it sits on, wet. It also loses any sense of heat or cold it once had within a matter of minutes. Purchase a travel mug that has proper insulation. Most companies have their own names for this kind of insulation, but in general, you’re looking for something with double-wall insulation, made of a material that won’t sweat.

Body Structure

The body structure of a travel mug may not seem important, but it can be frustrating to find out after purchase that your mug is difficult to hold or won’t fit in your car’s cup holder. Also, look out for travel mugs that are bulky instead of professional and sleek. While searching for the perfect travel mug, consider when and where you would be using your mug and how you would like it to look, accordingly.


All travel mugs come with some kind of lid. Many even claim to be leak-proof. True travel mugs should have several fail-safes that ensure no leaking or spilling will occur—such as lid locks. Lids also come with a variety of mouths, such as wide mouths, flip tops, or a straw. Consider what lid you’ll prefer in the long run. Some mugs offer a choice in which type of lid you can purchase with it, as well. Find what fits your needs!

The Best Travel Mugs On Amazon

Simple Modern Journey 15oz Travel Mugsimple modern coffee mugs

The Simple Modern travel mug is a fashionable and functional choice. It easily fits into cup holders with a reasonable 15oz- size and a design that widens at the top.

It’s double-walled and vacuum-insulated, so cold drinks stay cold and hot drinks stay hot. It also has a leak-proof lid that threads internally, twisting to stay in place with a flip top for drinking that locks in place.

Buy It On Amazon: About $17

Contigo AUTOSEAL Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mugcontigo autoseal coffee mug

Contigo makes a wide variety of travel mugs, but this particular West Loop model is a hit on the internet.

The lid boasts an auto-seal that is not just leak-proof, but spill-proof as well, making it a little more safe for the rough and tumble of life.

There is also a lid lock for added peace of mind, and a one-handed button release that makes for easy on-the-go drinking.

With its vacuum insulation, drinks can stay hot for up to five hours and cold for up to 12.

Buy It On Amazon: About $20

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottle

hydro flask coffee mug

The Hydro Flask is another name in the water bottle and travel mug world that has everybody in a buzz.

Its leak-proof flex cap or lids can stand staying in a purse/bag or sitting on a seat without risking a spill.

The outer coating is slip-free and doesn’t sweat. The TempShield technology keeps liquids hot for up to six hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

That covers a lot of traveling! While we chose to feature the 16-oz option, you can also get this hydro flask in a 20-oz.

Buy It On Amazon: About $25

Atlin Tumbler Travel Mugatlin coffee mug

This travel mug has a similar structure to the Simple Modern mug, fitting in cup holders perfectly, but it’s 30 oz! Yes, 30 oz! Its 100% stainless steel, double-insulated construction also makes for a six-hour hot and 24-hour cold timeframe.

What really sets this mug apart is its clear leak and weather-proof lid that lets you check on the status of your drink, and a handy metal straw that comes with a straw cleaner.

Buy It On Amazon: About $16

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

Last but not least, this Zojirushi 16-oz travel mug is a sleek, stainless steel mug that has a narrower, taller body for easy storing in bag pockets, cup holders, and more.

Its flip-top lid has a lock that stays closed when in position and easily flips open at the push of a button. The lid opens to a wide mouth for quicker drinking. This travel mug is also double insulated and easy to clean.

Buy It On Amazon: About $25

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